mercredi 11 juillet 2012

ATI expert of manufacturing of incinerators

ATI INCINERATEURS MULLER, found in 1930, is a leading incinerators manufacturing company in France.
ATI produce INCINERATORS for medical & hospital waste, industrial hazardous waste, sludge waste, animal carcass and all other kinds of organic waste.

Incinerator : hospital waste

Incinerator : animal waste

Incinerator : animal waste

ATI-INDUSTRIES specializes in :

  • Incineration of all solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.
  • Energy recuperation for the heating product, electricity by steam or thermal flow.
  • Gas treatment after incineration through very high temperature of post-combustion.
  • Gas cleaning systems through wet or dry process in order to neutralize and filter out dust, chlorine, dioxins...
  • Thus helping to protect environment, respecting the European Emission Regulation EC76/2000.
ATI industriesATI industries
2 Rue Gustave Eiffel
Zi la Saulaie –
45500 GIEN
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Fax : +332 38 31 94 59
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